To bring innovative therapies to the world,
iXgene is actively seeking individuals
who can proactively identify and solve challenges

Member’s Message

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    Work as who we are and stay positive
    Crossing individual strengths to create an enviroment
    where generates a new ‘can-do’

    General Manager
    of R&D
    Dr. Ken-ichi Suzuki
    Development team members will be actively involved in all stages of the development process within the excellent research environment of Keio University. Unlike large corporations with numerous members, we operate as a small, highly skilled team. We value individuals who can independently identify challenges and actively work towards solutions. Even when facing difficulties, maintaining a positive attitude is crucial.
    On the other hand, it’s essential to approach tasks as who we are. Understanding and communicating what one can or cannot do. Combining each person’s strengths to create an environment where things that couldn’t be done before become achievable. That’s the goal on a working environment we aim to foster.
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    I want to see a new landscape and
    contribute to the establishment of therapies
    that can save many patients.

    R&D manager Tadashi Igarashi
    With the desire to ‘see a new landscape,’ I joined iXgene. I firmly believe that the clinical use of therapeutic NSCs can bring innovation to medicine and undoubtedly save many patients. I want to witness this new world myself, and if possible, contribute to it. I hope that the use of NSCs for cell therapy becomes commonplace, expanding its application to numerous neurological disorders starting from brain tumors and TBI. As a father with a child suffering from an illness, I also aspire to address pediatric conditions and cerebral palsy due to hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy in the future. Regardless of our company or others, I hope that such initiatives will serve as a trigger for the establishment of new treatment methods, such as building replacement organs.
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    I aim to be a bridge that incorporates
    academic knowledge into society.

    R&D Dr. Minori Kadoya
    I used to be involved in basic research at the university, where the daily discovery of new things was stimulating. However, due to my original desire to become a physician, I began to consider working closer to real-life scenarios. Realizing that contributing to the incorporation of academic knowledge into the practical world and being a bridge for that purpose aligns with my aspirations, I decided to join iXgene.
    The current team goal is to deliver treatment to patients with malignant brain tumors as soon as possible. We are actively engaged in research and development on a daily basis. In the long term, leveraging the advantages of being in a venture company with quick decision-making capabilities and having access to the environment of Keio University School of Medicine, we aim to swiftly respond from basic research to clinical applications. We want to develop products that can quickly address unmet medical needs.
    My personal future goal is to become a professional who can create new needs, bridge the gap, and contribute to the implementation of solutions from both the perspective of basic research at the university and non-clinical research and development in the corporate sector. I aspire to engage in deep discussions from both the scientific and business viewpoints.

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