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古川 俊治

Professor Shinya Yamanaka of Kyoto University invented the groundbreaking technology of induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells in 2006. This technology has the capability to create all types of human body cells, raising expectations for the regeneration of various malfunctioned organs. Through subsequent research efforts, we have finally reached the stage where this technology is being applied to patient treatment. Additionally, the recently developed genome editing technology, which significantly facilitates gene modifications, is expected to be applied in the treatment of many diseases caused by genetic mutations.

Our company’s name, “iXgene”, signifies the combination of two innovative technologies: the iPS cell technology and the genome editing technology. Our goal is the establishment of the platform technology for novel treatments against various cancers and rare diseases using diverse types of stem cells with enhanced functions produced from genome-edited iPS cells. The initial focus is on malignant brain tumors, and brain injuries resulting from trauma or stroke, with plans to expand to other types of cancers and diseases.

Because of remarkable progress in medical technology, we now have effective treatments against severe diseases that seemed incurable when I became a medical doctor. Of note, many innovative drugs developed in recent years have been practically applied by startups utilizing inventions by researchers abroad. Such business development contributes to the growth of the national economy through life science innovation. Although many patients still suffer from cancers and rare diseases without effective treatments, the recent progress in medicine demonstrates that the persistent collaborative efforts of researchers, entrepreneurs and investors lead to the development of new treatments.

Although our company is a very small startup, we are committed to advancing forward based on the accumulated scientific validation of genome-edited iPS cells, striving to deliver significant value to patients and society. We sincerely welcome researchers and investors who share our mission to join our team so that we work together towards the realization of iXgene’s mission.

iXgene Corporation
Representative Director & CEO
Toshiharu Furukawa, Ph.D. M.D. MBA